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All of my books arewritten with the new investor and wannabe mutual fund investor in mind. Thatmeans they are written for the average gal and guy who know they need to learnabout funds, have a ton of questions to ask about them, but don't know whereto start searching for some basic information.

All of the titles listed below will provide fund newbies with a ton of infoabout mutual funds--- and investing in general. Plus, the formats are easy-to-read and understand, and, ought not put you to sleep after reading aparagraph or two. So enjoy and welcome to the fascinating, ever-changingworld of mutual funds.

One final thought: If you're a seasoned Wall Street investor who hasbeen investing for eons, don't be turned off by the simplicity of my books.They make the perfect gifts to give your daughter, son,wife, Aunt Millie, Cousin Morty or all the other folks you know that you'dlike to see learn the basics of mutual fund investing.

In order of publication, my books include:

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Why Go through amazon.com? Amazon allows you to get the books at a discounted price and in a speedy fashion. Figured that was the smartest way for me to go - given that that's my style - make it snappy and don't make me pay too much.

Grace, The Other Christmas Angel ($9.95, 2010)

This delightful imaginative tale is about an adorable dog whose daytime job is to guide everyone to Jesus' manger in Bethlehem.

Described by more than one grownup reader as a "very sweet story" the book makes a great holiday guft that will be enjoyed for years to come.

And nope, nothing about money or investing in it. Just a joyful story, pics and illustrations.

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101 Mutual Fund FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions, ($12.95, Chandler HousePress, 1999)

My newest book is a Q & A book designed to provide you with theanswers to some very basic and often asked questions about mutual funds.

In paperback, the book has 229 pages. The 101 questions cover a broad range of subjects like Q 1: What is a mutual fund anyway? to Q 40: Anyone ever lost big money in a mutual fund? (Short answer: Yes), and, Q 75: When I die will my mutual fund be subject to probate?

101 FAQs is divided into six parts with Q & As in each relating to the subject matter. Here are the titles of each section: Part 1 Mutual fund basics; Part 2, Fund types; Part 3: Performance; Part 4: Strategies; Part 5: Particulars; Part 6 Odds & Ends.

This is one of those easy-to-read, easy-to-follow books. Pick it up and flip through the pages and I'm sure you'll find some little mutual fund tidbit or factoid that catches your eye. Because it's not a heady economic piece of literature, it makes for snappy reading, the kind you can do standing up or while riding the train or just lollygagging in your favorite easy chair.

Let me know how you like it.

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Since first publication, this book has been one hot seller!

In the 10 Minute Guide to the Stock Market, you'll learn all about the basics of stocks and the stock market beginning with how the markets have evolved and where money came from as well as investment strategies and how to place your stock orders.

You'll also learn about the different types of stock, what the difference between asset allocation and diversification is, and when to sell your stocks.

The 20 lessons in this book are designed to quickly acquaint you with some of the most common aspects of the stock market, familiarize you with the industry's jargon, and provide you with the groundwork from which your knowledge of stocks and the stock market can begin to grow.

The 10 minute Guide to the Stock Market will get you started on the road to investing.

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Straight Talk About Mutual Funds, ($12.95, McGraw-Hill, 1997)

This is a new, updated second edition of my very first bookoriginally published in 1992.

The new and updated edition presents the world of mutual funds in readableand easy-to-follow prose and covers the basic, and not sobasic elements of mutual fund investing.

In Straight Talk About Mutual Funds, you'll find an expanded "question andanswers" section that readers loved the first time around. Thisbook is especially useful for those seeking to gain insights into howfund investing works and how funds work. The topics are diverse and cover the essentials: the working of investment companies and fund investors, the different types of funds, the importance of the prospectus, the cost of investing, and individual retirement accounts.

In short, this book provides much more than a simple "how-to" description. It fills a long-overdue gap by giving readers advice from someone who has listened and heard their concerns.

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