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In 2012 what investors need the most of can be summed up in one word

By Dian Vujovich

Every new year brings with it new hopes and dreams. I was hoping to come up with a whopper of a get-wealthier list for this New Year but lists are so yesterday. Instead, I’m offering a few points to ponder before letting on to that one word that’s about as close to a sure fire guarantee of how to be successful with your investment goals as one can ever get.

But first, three kind of obvious points that matter going forward:

1.More people and more money.

Beginning Jan. 1, our population was projected to be 312,780,968. That’s up 0.7 percent from 1/1/11 and up 1.3 percent since Census Day, April 1, 2010. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s press release, “The combination of births, deaths and net international migration results in an increase in the total U.S. population of one person every 17 seconds.”

More people translate to more money. More money being spent and needed whether by/ for Uncle Sam, or, within your own household. This year expect to spend more on the everyday stuff like groceries, gas, airline tickets, coffee, kids needing more dole outs for their school needs etc. etc. And taxes and fees to rise while benefits of one sort or another are trimmed or lost. Either way, we’ll all need more money.

2.The rich will become richer and the poor won’t really.

Even though Florida’s minimum wage increased 36 pennies an hour from $7.31 to $7.67 on January 1, that still only amounts to $306.80 a week for a 40-hour work week— an increase of $14.40 a week or $57.60 a month. Big whoo! One can’t go far on that. Neither can two.

If I were in control of wages across America, I’d see to it that some magic elixir was somehow zapped into the minds of those in control to make them realize how stupid the current humongous wage gap is. And as a result, recognize that vibrant salaries for the masses translate into —you guessed it—more money being spent. Which would then translate into the need for more goods and services of all sorts, job creations, real estate sales, etc. All of which would result in more revenues coming in at the local, state and national levels and the growth of a healthier U.S. economy.

3.Don’t expect miracles from the markets here or abroad.

Even though presidential years have a history of being good for equities, I don’t think that the financial kettle of fish that the U.S. is currently in has ever been stinkier.

Nonetheless, money is made each year if one knows where to look. I’m still looking at multinationals with attractive, sustainable dividends, out-of-favor cheap growth stocks from good companies and expecting interest rates to rise. But that’s just me.

Now for that one word that’s almost guaranteed to make you money? It is clarity.
To accumulate wealth, you’ve got to be clear about what it is that you want; clear about why you want it; and have a clear plan in place about how to achieve your financial goal that’s both realistic and personally doable.

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