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Banks Wooing New Customers

By Dian Vujovich

Have to admit, the customer service reps at the banks I do business with have certainly gotten more attentive over the last few months. At the drive-through windows they call me by name or at the very least, are genuinely warm in their greeting. It’s nice. And, as it should be.

We all know that banks aren’t on everyone’s top love’em list these days and for good reasons. The TARP bailouts haven’t made the general public happy; nor have the banks’ investment business practices; forget about trying to get a loan or refinance; and then there’s the credit card crapola. Sort of makes one wonder why we ever used them in the first place.

Knowing that they’re in the weeds, in an attempt to get new customers or keep the ones they’ve already got, some are offering greenbacks. As in money. Imagine that? Just don’t imagine it too much because all the give-away’s come with catches regarding terms.

A recent Investopedia story listed eight banks and the money deals they were offering. Here are three that will put $100 in your account provided you follow their rules:

• Bank of America (BAC). They’re offering $100 to new customers who open a MyAccess checking account online. But, you’ve got to have 500 big ones to open that account, keep it open for 30 days and use your debt card at least once during that time. Follow the guidelines and 100 smackers will be added to your checking account within 90 days.

• Flagstar Bank (FBC). Like direct deposit? You can pick up $100 here when opening a personal checking account that uses direct deposit and by directly depositing $250. The 100 bucks will be added to your account 30 days after the direct deposit was made.

• BB&T (BBT). All new customers get $100 for opening a free checking account, provided it’s a direct deposit account. Or, make three payments using their online bill pay and the money can still be yours when, after 28 days, it will be added to your new free checking account.

For more information, the full Investopedia story can be found at: http://tinyurl.com/yj4y3m7 .

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