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It's not too late for gold

By Dian Vujovich

Okay, so there are only a few hours left until Valentine’s Day, right? And you’ve got zilch in your hand for your honey. Well, fear not. Help is just a gold dispensing machine away at the Town Center in Boca Raton. There, with a fistful of cash, you’ll be able to dazzle your darlin with a 24-karat gold bar or coin all wrapped up and sealed purchased from America’s first and only Go to Gold machine that spits out the stuff we so love.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve written about this ATM dispenser, but it is the first time the blog comes with one of my Flip video. (Re my producing talents, Spielberg I’m not— my style is more Blair Witch Project-ee than anything else.)

So, last month I trucked down to the Town Mall to see with my very own eyes what this gold ATM machine was all about. And there it was, a golden-colored 5-footish high by maybe 3-foot wide box in the middle of the lane that leads to the food court.

Trust me, it’s nothing to look at. Quite ugly even. Not Boca glittery or gaudy at all. I was disappointed. Not sure what I expected but it wasn’t a really giant-sized shoebox.

That said, there was a very pleasant young woman tending the dispenser when I arrived and another woman inquiring about how the machine worked. You’ll hear both of their voices, along with mine, on the video.

If you’re buying, there are a couple of different sized gold bars and coins to select from. Each piece will run about 100 bucks more there than if purchased from a non-gold dispensing box. No, the machine doesn’t take credit cards but yes, the gold bars and coins can be returned— provided you don’t break the seal inside the box the gold comes down the shoot in.

The idea for this comes to us from German businessman Thomas Geissler. There are other Gold to Go ATM boxes in Abu Dhabi, Germany, Spain and Italy but this, however, is the first in the mighty U.S. of A.

See all for yourself at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFEbYI-tpao .

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