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Prenuptial Agreements are Private Agreements Even Tiger Woods'

By Dian Vujovich

Believe everything you read in the tabloids, see on TV or hear on the radio about Tiger Woods regarding the prenuptial agreement between he and wife Elin and chances are you’ve been hoodwinked. Gosh! Really?

Heck, Google Tiger’s wife’s first name and you won’t even find one spelling but two, Elin and Elan. How’s that for accuracy. For the record, Elin is the correct spelling.

Back to that prenup. Here’s a flash: Prenuptial agreements are private. As in, not part of the public domain until—and this is a big “until”— divorce papers are filed.

So unless somebody blabs about what’s in the agreement, the tongues wagging won’t be blabbing the real facts unless a divorce is in the works.

“Preneputal agreements are private documents,” says Howard M. Rudolph, a board certified Marital and Family Law attorney in West Palm Beach, FL. ” They are not filed in the public court house until there is an actual petition for divorce filed.

Rudolph said he doesn’t know how people hypothecating about the Woods’ prenuptial agreement, and what she may or may not get if there is a divorce, would actually know what the agreement contains. “So I don’t know how anybody could be commenting on his prenup unless he told somebody or one of his advisors, or his wife, leaked it. ”

But that’s gossip for you. And the more fame and fortunes those involved have, the juicier the gossip gets. As for the facts, who cares?

Read more about prenuptial agreements in today’s Sunday edition of The Palm Beach Daily News’ Business Section, hard copy story title, “What’s Love Got To Do With It”, or the online title, “Prenuptial agreements and marital trusts are unromantic, but important”, at: http://tinyurl.com/yap2blv

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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