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Learning about money from the Canadians, eh

By Dian Vujovich

Sometimes it’s just so obvious but nobody comes out and says it. But now, thanks to a couplr og recent surveyd, all of us south of the border can learn a thing or two about money from our Canadian pals. Where, in case you missed a recent factoid in an earlier blog, it was noted that  the average Canadian household is now richer ours are. So listen up.

While we all know that it’s really cold in Canada and that their land mass is huge (the second largest country in the world after Russia) and population small (about 35 million), most of us couldn’t name half of their provinces never mind the territories (there are 10 provinces and three territories). Or, knew that  both the basketball and the walker were invented there.  Now you do.

That said, when it comes to money, our eh-neighbors understand some of the simply realities of managing the stuff. Like, nearly one-half (48 percent) of those interviewed in a Ipsos Reid poll conducted for the Investor Education Fund said that “lack of income” stood in the way of managing and  investing their money. Particularly,  if they were in the lowest income group or earning less than $40,000 a year. That makes sense.

Fear of losing  money was also a big concern for that group, as well.

Move up the income ladder to $60,000 but below $100,000 annually, and it was “too much debt” that was the biggest deterrent for investing or managing money. Earn over $100,000 a year and “lack of time” stood in the way.

Imagine that, not having enough time to manage money?  Not an excuse that’s likely to hold much water to many money-centric Americans no matter what one’s annual income amounts to. But then Canadians aren’t Americans.  And in another survey conducted by the same firm it was revealed that 50 percent “strongly agree” that being outdoors and spending time in nature is important for their family’s well-being.

Let me see: Spending time racking your brain trying to figure out how to eek out money for investing and hopefully  get ahead, or,  going outdoors to futz around, spending time with your family and  breathing in what nature offers? Hmm. Not a tough call if you ask me, eh.

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