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What recession? There are more billionaires now than ever before.

By Dian Vujovich

The good news: Forbes reported today that there are 200 more billionaires roaming the world this year than were last. The bad news: I’m not one of them. Rats!


Truth be told, when I was coming up with dreams about my future as far as I could dream was becoming a multi-millionaire. The thought of billionaireship never crossed my mind. I never ever thought that was even a possibility. Who knew?


Well, at least 1, 426 people must have.  That’s the official number Forbes as come up with when counting the noses of world’s richest.


At the top of that richies heap sits Carlos Slim of Mexico and there’s nothing too slim about his financial wealth: He has been the world’s Top Dinero Man for four years (since 2010). Currently, Forbes reports his estimated worth at $73 billion.


Bill Gates, the second richest guy in the world, trails Slim by $6 billion. Apparently he is worth a mere $67 billion.


Add up all the billions in this group and it amounts to $5.4 trillion. Want an average for the group and you’ll find it $100 million more this year than it was in 2012 and averaging $3.8 billion.


No recession issues for this gang.


If you believe Wikipedia,   I found a chart on one of their entries showing the International Monetary Fund’s GDP forecasts for 183 countries around the globe. In 2011, there with 25 different countries with GDP’s of less than that $3.8 billion—the average worth of one billionaire.  One.




Remember that the next time you’re holidaying in Belize, St. Lucia or the Maldives. One guy or gal on the face of the Earth has more money than the gross domestic product in each of those countries—plus,  in 22 others.

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