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Dian’s market prediction: A correction is coming

By Dian Vujovich

I’ve always thought it would be great fun to go out and make a market prediction. After all, Wall Street talking heads do it all the time. Even people and songs do it. Heck, Annie sings that the sun will come up tomorrow. Okay, that’s kind of a gimme but it’s still a prediction. And like hers, my prediction that a correction is coming is about as safe—and accurate—a call.


Watch the news and there’s no missing the fact that the DJIA has been on a tear. A terrific one that has  brought that marker back to the levels or yesterday. Hopefully, you’ve been one of the fortunate who has participated in this recent 5-year bull run. Hopefully you’ve now got enough good sense and chutzpah to take some money off the table, not be greedy and still keep investing.


If you have, you know darned well that there’s going to be a market correction coming. Trouble is, no one knows precisely when, what will cause it, how deep it will run or last.


My going to go out on a limb prediction, in addition to the fact that a correction is coming, is that that correction will happen by the end of May mid- June with the market shaving off off 5 to 10 percent from its current historic high level. My gut says the correction could be more but my gut isn’t writing this.


Any way,  every investor knows that a pull back always happens after a bull run and sometimes for no other reason than profit taking. Or, it could be because of socio-economic reasons, geopolitical ones, a change in interest rates, a spike in inflation, a war or whatever. The list of reasons can be as varied as the day is long. Ask Annie.


But whatever the cause, Paul Revere shouted to anyone who would listen that the British were coming. I’m saying a correction is.


As for the “So what?” question, I say this: Seasoned investors know that making money happens when profits are taken and  that market money grows in fits and starts. So, (here’s my “So”) so don’t have a fit when the next correction starts.  It will end just as this bull market will. And that will be in some tomorrow.

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