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Across My Desk: Sin Stocks

If you love smoking, drinking, gambling and shooting at stuff, you'll love this fund.

Sin stocks - companies that invest in arms, alcohol, tobacco, etc. - are the kinds of companies that those who like to call themselves "socially responsible" hate. Hate them or not, these bad-girl companies do make money.

Take The Vice Fund, (VICEX) for instance. It's a non-diversified fund. That means, it's not well diversified outside of its focus and thus carries more risk, possibly more reward and more volatility than a diversified fund. That said, it carries a 5-star rating from Morningstar.

As for performance, in 2007 the fund was up 17.76 percent. Over the past five years its average annual total return is 20.85 percent. (The Vice Fund charges an annual fee of 1.75% but no sales fee.)

A pretty slick return no matter how you feel about sinning or being socially responsible.

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