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Across My Desk: Retirement

You may get tired of hearing about it, but, if you don't have a concise, well-defined and practiced savings plan, better get serious about it and start one today if you want to retire sometime tomorrow.

Why? Because according to a recent poll, nearly half of those interviewed said that they worried about not having enough money to retire. Here are more details from that survey:

  • A Financial Services Forum survey found that nearly a third of Americans saved nothing for retirement last year.

  • 25% of respondents who were in their peak earning years (50 to 65 years old) had not saved a nickel in the last year.

  • Among those who are saving, the poll indicated that they're putting aside far too little. Nearly three out of five younger Americans (35-49) saved less than $10,000 for retirement last year - too little to sustain a comfortable middle-class lifestyle in retirement.

  • More than half of Americans under 50 think Social Security will provide only a minor source of income, compared to 60% of Americans age 65 or older who rate Social Security a major source of retirement income.

  • 65% of the youngest Americans (18-34), see 401Ks and IRA as providing a major source of income in retirement.

"The results of this survey show us that, for a comfortable retirement, Americans are going to need to become far more serious about their retirement savings," said Forum CEO Don Evans.

He's got a point!

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