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Follow Siebert's lead: Help victims in Japan via stock donations

By Dian Vujovich

One look at pictures after the horrible natural disasters suffered in Japan and you know putting people back into homes, reconstructing villages, feeding everyone, etc., etc, is going to take a lot of time. That said, Muriel Siebert has come up with a great way to help the victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. Instead of sending money, donate some shares from your stock portfolio.

What a great idea! Plus, you’ll pay no commissions, get a charitable deduction and better yet, be helping people in need.

To participate all you need to do is contact one of Siebert’s four offices, or phone 800-872-0711, or go online to http://www.siebernet.com/stockdonation.

You don’t even have to have an account with her firm to take part. All you’ll need are a heart and shares of stock to donate. Those shares will be transferred to the Red Cross then sold commission free.

“The American Red Cross is a great institution and we want to do what we can to help those who have been affected by this terrible disaster,” Ms. Siebert said. “We know this program will increase the value of charitable contributions to those in need.”

According to a press release, Siebert began her Charitable Stock Donation program seven years ago to help Florida hurricane victims and then was extended to help those in other disasters. “To date, Siebert has sold more than $16,500,000 in stock donated to the Red Cross at no cost to the charity.”

Contact info again: Call Siebert at 800-872-0711 or visit http://www.siebertnet.com/stockdonation to learn more and donate to the Red Cross.

Do this if you’re able. It’s a kind thing to do.

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