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Really stupid business practices. Or, how to shoot yourself in the seat.

By Dian Vujovich

Ya gotta wonder who is in charge at Spirit Airlines. Are they trying to put themselves out of business?

Last week those who call the shots decided to charge passengers 45 bucks for the carry-on luggage they bring onboard. I couldn’t believe that. Traveling, after all, requires carrying baggage of one sort or another, doesn’t it?

Shortly after that announcement at least one Congressman suggested the practice ought to be illegal. Then, five other major airlines announced that they would NOT follow suit. Something airlines don’t typically do. They are followers, you know.

Then, apparently to prove that those on their corporate flight deck had blinders on and couldn’t see the general public’s increasing size, as in weight and waist lines, Spirit Airlines announced that they would be adding more seats on their planes. To do so, however, would mean reducing the amount of legroom space between seats. Plus, the seats would no longer recline.

These folks must be snorting volcanic ash.

On their Web site, http://www.spiritair.com, you’ll find the routes this airline flies are numerous with more heading South of our border than North. And, $49 one-way fares are advertised.

To be fair, I had a conversation with one of my neighbors who works for JetBlue. She informed me that Spirit’s niche in the airline market place is their offerings of really low-priced tickets. To make any money, though, the airline has to charge for other things, like carry-on luggage. Okay, I understand that but find Spirit’s approach to making money less than, well, spiritual

Personally, I don’t care how cheap their tickets are or where the airline flies. If I’m not comfortable I’m not going to fly this airline. Period. Comfort is a more valuable commodity that cheap tickets and cramped quarters.

Let’s see, Target and checking my ID to purchase a bottle of wine got my first Stupid Corporate Award. The second will go to Spirit Airlines. I wonder which company will be next. Any suggestions?

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