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Part-time commish job pays $30,000

By Dian Vujovich

Hey! Need a job and live in West Palm Beach’s District 1? If so, you’ve got until 5 p.m. today to apply to be the city commissioner representing that district. Jobs in Florida, as so many know, aren’t easy to find, particularly good paying ones. So from where I sit this one looks like a plum.

As of this morning, less than a dozen people had applied for the position. That’s incredible given an unemployment rate for West Palm Beach, and Palm Beach County, that’s stuck somewhere between 9- and 10-something percent, depending upon the source.

Simplyhired.com reports the city’s unemployment rate stood at 9.8 percent earlier this year. And, that the average salary for full-time jobs in the city was $31,000.

Kinda makes this commish deal look sweeter and sweeter, doesn’t it? Let’s see, would I rather earn $31,000 working full-time or $30,000 part-time. Humm….

Anyone who prefers the latter, has the stomach to deal with city politics and community aggravations, would like to try to do some good for the district in which they live and receive a salary that most would consider lucky to get as a full-time employee, the app is a snap to fill out.

It will take less than 5 minutes to download and fill it out. That’s because there are only 6 items that need filling in: A place for your name, address, phone number, residency, qualified elector and resume.

That’s it. Period.

So if you’re sitting around with nothing else to do but play phone or computer finger-games, are looking for career change or wish you were working, why not go for it. Sure the job comes challenges but at least there aren’t 10,000 people competing for it.

Cut and paste the following address to download the application to become a Commission in West Palm Beach’s District 1 at:

FYI, District 1 extends from 59th Street to Banyan and Tamarind Avenue. Check the map at the app site to see if you live within the district.

Good luck! And don’t forget that 5 o’clock deadline.

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