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Kate’s wedding is 2 days away and they’re betting on which tiara she’ll be wearing

By Dian Vujovich

And you thought it was all about her dress.

When it comes to royal weddings, it’s the jewels that count the most baby, the jewels. And weren’t not just talking his but hers.

Tiara’s, as any royal, little girl, Barbie, Red Cross Ball attendee and princess wanna-be knows, are the stuff dreams are made of. Marjorie Merriweather Post apparently wore one back in 1957 at the first Red Cross Ball held at her Mar-A-Lago home. The look started a trend that’s certainly had it’s on and offs since.

But unlike those wore to parties and balls in Palm Beach, or elsewhere around the globe, it’s which tiara of diamonds and stones that will adorn Kate that’s now the stuff that delights bookies.

Yes, folks are betting on which tiara will adorn Kate’s natural crown when walking back down the aisle after saying “I do” to William and signing all the appropriate royal paperwork. Because she’s a commoner, the soon to be referred to as ” Catherine” isn’t allowed to wear a tiara before she officially becomes a part of the Royal family. Traditionally, it’s the Queen who gives the new bride her first tiara. Unless, of course, the bride comes from a family with royal bloodline, like the Spencer’s.

So, in addition to the speculation about which priceless heirloom will be worn, bets have been placed.

According to a story in The Sun newspaper in London, one “well-spoken, middle aged woman” bet 6,000 pounds, (that’s something like what 8000 bucks?) that Kate would wear the Fringe tiara. It’s the one Queen Elizabeth wore in her wedding back in ’47. Odds are 12-1.

A spokesperson in that story from the betting company said, “”If the punt comes home, we’ll lose a fortune. This woman either has more money than sense, or she is very well informed.”

On this side of the pond, however, things look a little different.

Adele Kahn, proprietor of the well-established, tiara-knowledgeable House of Kahn Estate Jewelers, and her daughter Tobina, vice president of their Chicago shop, have their own opinions proving that mother and daughter do in fact think alike.

Both speculate it will be the Spencer Tiara. That’s the one Diana wore at her wedding and since her death belongs to William and Harry.

How much are they willing to wager? No word from Tobina yet but Adele says, “200 bucks.”

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