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Don't Leave Home This Summer

By Dian Vujovich

I’m going to be a guest on Peter Greenberg’s radio program tomorrow morning. You probably know him as the travel maven seen and heard around the world as his spots on the Today Show have brought him worldwide recognition. Plus, he knows practically everyone in the travel biz and been to more places on the planet than one could imagine.

Because I’ve been writing about finances and luxury travel for nearly 30 years, and have lived in the Palm Beaches for at least that long, my bit will be to bring some local suggestions about cool places to dine and things to do right around here.

When you really start to think about all that’s available in Palm Beach County—from restaurants large and small, pricey or not with the slew of summertime entertainment possibilities—for those who are price conscious and those who aren’t there’s really no good reason to leave home this summer. Unless, of course, the heat during the months of August and September is too much to bear. That said, I always chuckle when I hear about the swealtering100 degree-plus weather reports up North during the summer months. Those in the know realize that rarely does it get that hot here. But somehow Northerner’s don’t believe it. Perhaps that’s a good thing.

West Palm Beach and its surrounding areas offer any number of things for kids and adults no matter what their ages or interests. Dog lovers have parks to choose from throughout the county. Beach goers who sneak up to DuBois early in the day can score a primo spot, as can those at the public beaches on Singer Island, Palm Beach and Lake Worth. While all visitors share in the same bathtub warm waters, each beach is as distinctively different as the guests who visit are.

No need to worry about lines at restaurants—except at Johnny G’s in Lake Worth on weekends. Or spending too much on dinners—there are always deals to be had for both the diner and the shopper. Or traffic—except for those new cameras installed around town that can nab even the best of us.

Wanna spend a weekend at The Ritz. Or The Breakers. Or The Chesterfield or where ever? Room rates are a fraction of what they run in high season.

To whet your appetite, here’s a very short list of things to do: Take a Diva Duck ride, get over to Peanut Island, wander through the refreshed Northwood District of town, visit the Science Museum, and the Zoo. Or take your camera and wander through the gardens at the Four Arts or get over those at Mounts Botanical Gardens.

Oh, and don’t forget to get up early enough in the morning to hit the beach and see the sun rise at least once this year. Or, look to the West to see it set. Magnificent on both ends!

A new wealth survey by American Express Publishing and the Harrison Group was released earlier this week. Results showed that 53 percent of the nation’s wealthy are worried that they could run out of money. Why? Because they fear that our country is headed for an economic depression.

My crystal ball lacks the clarity to provide any insight about a coming depression. It is however, very clear about one thing: One doesn’t have or spend a lot of money to have a lovely time right around here.

So get out and do something. After all, we are lucky enough to live in one of the prettiest places on the planet.

FYI, the Peter Greenberg show is syndicated to 150 stations around the country on XM/Sirus Radio Ch. 158. The program is also presented in pod cast format at
petergreenberg.com. You can hear it live via http://www.newsradio1440.com from 10-1pm ET online, Saturday, May 1, 2009.

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