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Rich guys are big online spenders

By Dian Vujovich

Calling all Palm Beach merchants: If it’s the guy earning over $100,000 a year that you’re wanting to sell goods to, the best way to reach them is electronically.

According to recent research from iProspect and comScore, there are 19 million males over the age of 18 with household incomes of that $100,000 figure, and, who are into online site visitations.

Now I’m not precisely sure what visitation sites were included in the research, but even if we minus out all of the hot-babes, girlie girls, gambling, sports related and general porn sites, the number of men doing research and then shopping online still has to be substantial. And how can it not be given that guys can’t ever seem to get their fill of using their electronic toys and devices.

When channeling purchasing transactions, the research showed that 98 percent is done on computers. Step outside of that big screen and it turns out 67 percent of males buy stuff using their mobile phones and 46 percent via a tablet.

“One of the most surprising findings was the frequency and large amount of online annual spending that affluent males reported,” said Andrea Wilson, director of digital strategy and luxury practice lead at iProspect. Ms. Wilson said. “This really shows that the affluent male is online in full-force.”

As for what these affluent males like to buy, it’s travel, luxury apparel and luxury accessories.

As for me, the older and less affluent I become, while I do plenty of product research online, I don’t make all of my purchase there. Returns can be a hassle, shipping fees too expensive and an afternoon out shopping with the girls is impossible. Then again, I’m a female and not making anywhere near 100 grand a year.

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