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Happy Mother's Day to all moms and non-moms

By Dian Vujovich

Well, I wouldn’t be writing this blog if it weren’t for my mom. You wouldn’t be reading it either. Oh the things we often take for granted—until Mother’s Day rolls around each year.

I do have a gripe about this day of celebration, though. Its name ought to include “non-moms”. There are plenty of women walking around that are great females and for one reason or another did not become mothers. I won’t go into the possible list of reasons why but I’m a non-mom and life as such is just fine, thank you.

My mother died decades ago when I was 38. That seemed to be too young an age for me to lose her and for her to die. She was buried on her 64th birthday in this life of what often appears to be full of crazy coincidences. The priest at the gravesite actually asked all of us present to sing Happy Birthday to her.

As you might imagine, we were shocked by the request but did our best not to show it and complied. Who argues with a priest, right?

Afterwards, a couple of my girlfriends came up to me laughing and said, “Only at your mother’s funeral, Vujovich, would this ever happen.”

And they were right.

Every year when Mother’s Day rolls around, I think of all the good traits that I inherited from my mother. The one that stands out the most is a sense of humor. She had a terrific one and enjoyed making people laugh. The priest knew that. And I think he also knew that singing Happy Birthday on this ceremonial day celebrating her life and death would make her laugh out loud.

So without a mom, or kids or grandkids at my side, I’ll celebrate this Mother’s Day as I’ve done before—with a smile on my face when thinking of her.

May your Mother’s and/or Non-Mother’s Day be a happy one, too.

Oh, since this is a money column, never forget that moms control most of what goes on regarding their family’s money. Really. So be nice to them!

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