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Mommy's Worth

By Dian Vujovich

Oh, mom’s. Where would we be without them? More complicated a question: What to get yours for Mother’s Day?

Because our mother’s come in all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds, ages and hair colors, single, healthy or ill, well-off or financially challenged, married and living near us or afar there’s no one-size fits all gift for them. So even though a card, flowers and a phone call are the most popular and likely the easiest do-this choice, why not dazzle her with something more thoughtful. Something that could make her heart sing.

My mother has been gone for decades but I still head to Home Depot or Costco and pick up a spring arrangement for her. Well, actually for us. Looking at any arrangement of spring flowers, better yet bright pink, white or lilac-colored hydrangeas and I can’t but smile and think about her. Truth be told, she had an hydrangea-like personality.

Most moms I know say it’s the simple gifts that mean the most to them on this day of recognition. Time with an offspring they don’t often see, a poem written especially for them, a card colored by a grandchild, photos of days gone by— all seem to touch their hearts. Big money gifts, not so much.

Speaking of money, Salary.com figured out how much a stay-at-home mom would earn if she were in the work force. The number they’ve come up with for this year is $122,732. That’s up a bit more than last year. A working mom’s salary ought to be in the neighborhood of $76,000—in addition to what they are already earning at their jobs. Both figures look puny to me.

According to the survey, if the jobs that moms do were part of an HR department, their job title headings would include: housekeeper; day care center teacher; cook; computer operator; facilities manager; van driver; psychologist; laundry machine operator; janitor; and chief executive officer.

They’ve forgotten financial planner, mediator, politician, peacekeeper and magician. In addition to being able to create something out of nothing, these most awesome creatures must also have eyes in the back of their heads and psychic abilities too.

What’s also missing from that HR list is the stuff that makes a good mom a good mom. Like love, compassion, care, concern, tenderness, open arms, tears of joy, heart-felt laughter, the ability to listen, discipline, forgive, direct, create and give kisses, hugs and stares that penetrate like only a mom’s can. So for all of the talents required let’s add at least one, no, two or three 0’s to the survey’s salary suggestions.

Better yet, let’s just forget the numbers and go with the one value that says it all: Priceless.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms here on Earth and those remembered, to women who have children and those who don’t for without our mother’s we’d be nothing.


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