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Across My Desk: Funds for the 50+

AARP Financial recently introduced three-asset allocation funds designed for the 50-plus individual. By making the investment process easier, AARP Financial hopes to encourage people to increase the amounts they invest for their upcoming retirement years.

"AARP Financial and the AARP Funds were created to assist AARP members and Baby Boomers prepare financially for retirement," said Larry Renfro, President of AARP Financial. "It is no secret that individuals are not saving enough for retirement. We believe investors are overwhelmed by the numerous investment choices available in the marketplace and the difficulty of assembling and managing a retirement portfolio on their own. Our goal at AARP Financial is to simplify the investment process, by offering products and services aimed to help people achieve a financially secure retirement."

These modern maturity pros know that saving money is difficult but figure investing shouldn't be. So, their new funds are based what they say is a simple, no-nonsense approach to investing that incorporates five basic principles of sound investing:

  • low fees,
  • indexing,
  • diversification,
  • rebalancing.
  • and simple choices.

Sounds a little like Vanguard's philosophy, doesn't it? In either event, those five points constitute wise investment advice for all ---- including those under the age of 50.

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