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Across My Desk: Janus Pays Back What?

If you happen to one of the Janus shareholders who were affected by that firm's market timing problems a few years back it's repayment time.

According to Financial Research Corp and a Rocky Mountain News report, (that's Denver's newspaper), most

of the Janus shareholders are going to get a whopping 10 bucks in restitution.Here's more from those sources:

"An independent consultant who advised the Securities and Exchange Commission on the plan, University of Florida Professor Christopher James said that because the losses are so small, it doesn't make sense to mail out checks to investors. About one-third are owed an average of 64 cents, and another 10% would get $28. Only 66 people would get $36,000.

Although Janus paid $100 million in fines, James found that investors actually only lost $21 million, but the SEC is not going to reduce the fine.

The plan is posted on the SEC's website to give the public 30 days to comment."

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