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Luxury brand cars selling well even this year.

By Dian Vujovich

By now you know that I’m a car fan. And the snazzier the luxury brand vehicle the better. Seems like there are plenty of others who enjoy a fine ride but unlike me a number of them are actively buying or leasing them.

In Chris Ramey’s recent Ramey Retail Report, he highlighted sales of luxury vehicles from June 2009 through June 2010. Ramey, in addition to being a speaker and consultant, is chairman of The Luxury Marketing Council of Florida. Lest you think lux vehicle brand revenue growth has been “gastly” this year, think again.

According to data from http://www.motorintellignece.com, here are the five luxury automobile brands enjoying the highest revenue growth between 6/09 and 6/10: Rolls-Royce up over 193 percent; Porsche, up more than 162 percent; Jaguar up nearly 73 percent; Maserati, up over 62 percent; and Land Rover up about 44 percent.

At the other end of the roster is my current brand, Saab. Sales for this not-too-many-but-loyal-driver brand were off 67 percent.

I spoke with Virginia Aronson today who sells Mercedes Benz in Pompano Beach to find out how biz has been there this year. She said it’s better than last year but confessed that July in Florida isn’t the best month for sales. Non-the-less, MB sales are up about 25 percent from June to June.

Ask her when the best time to purchase or lease? Right now, of course. Slow months before the new season of cars debuts always is.

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