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Across My Desk: What Today's Woman Needs to Know

Women. There are more of us then men, we live longer then men and earn less. To help us through this no-it-isn't-fair-but-that's-okay life, MetLife has created a retirement planning book just for us. Info about it follows.

MetLife is producing a free booklet titled, "What Today's Woman Needs to Know: A Retirement Journey" published by MetLife's Mature Market Institute in collaboration with the Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER).

Some of the features in it include:

  • Retirement Savings and Planning checklist for each decade with guidelines for women from their 20s to their 70s.

  • A glossary that defines terms like annuity, asset allocation, individual retirement account (IRA), reverse mortgage and time horizon.

  • A number of resources women can look to for further retirement investigation and planning.

To obtain a free copy of "What Today's Woman Needs to Know: A Retirement Journey," call 203-221-6580, send e-mail to maturemarketinstitute@metlife.com, or download it at www.maturemarketinstitute.com under 'What's New.'

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