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A Safe Night's Sleep

By Dian Vujovich

ZZZs. Gotta get ’em and gotta have at least seven to nine hours each night, according to the pros. But if worrying about your portfolio is keeping you up at night, and you’ve got $20 G’s to spare, there’s always SAFE-T bed.

I’m not talking here about a woman who, through the years, stashed about $1 million inside her mattress only to have her daughter think she was doing her mom a favor by getting rid of the lumpy one and replacing it with a brand new one. Nope. I’m talking about a real mattress here with some weight to it. Weight that only a genuine, heavy-duty steel safe could add.

Last year, Hollandia International, an Israeli company that makes luxury sleep systems, introduced the Executive SAFE-T Bed. The bedtime story goes that it was created specifically for a client who wanted to keep their gun close at hand. Obviously the client needed the kind of peaceful rest that only having loaded arms nearby can bring.

According to the company’s press release, the safe measure 8″ x10.6″ and is 4.3″ deep. It’s located—I probably shouldn’t tell you this—in the head joint of the bed underneath the mattress. Once the safe’s door is closed, it’s locked with a key. A piece of Velcro and fabric cover it. Nobody will ever notice that, right?

No word about where the key is supposed to be kept or about how long it would take a sleepy somebody to retrieve their weapon should an intruder enter their bedroom. Guess that’s a test only a crime will allow us to know the details of.

In the press release, Maya Ben, the company’s vice president of operations says, “We made sure to position the safe within the bed base, under the mattress, so as to not change the feel of the bed when sleeping.” She added, “Whether you want to store your jewels, cash or other valuables, the safe is a unique feature that should give our customers a different sense of security with this new sleep system.”

Whew, that’s comforting.

If the 20 Grand is out of reach, you can add a SAFE-T feature to any Hollandia Platinum-Lux bed for right under $400.

More info at: http://tinyurl.com/ardm64 .

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