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Debt ceiling: A game of political foolsball

By Dian Vujovich

I haven’t written anything about the debt ceiling before because instead of a basically not odd event, the subject has become like a game of political foolsball: Goofy.

In case you’re wondering, the debt ceiling discussions aren’t about money but politics. As such, I’m pretty much disgusted by how the subject has turned from something to addressed into a political game everyone in Congress ought to be ashamed of participating in.

That’s not to make light of the debt ceiling but raising it isn’t going to bring America to its knees. What is a big deal and could do serious damage is the politics behind it.

It seems as if the people we’ve elected into office have forgotten one very important point: It is the country as a whole that counts the most and not one’s political party.

Live long enough and you’ll have firsthand knowledge of how the complexion of our two parties can and have changed over time. Consequently, while anyone with an ounce of common sense (admittedly there aren’t enough of them) is likely to have a party preference, experience has made them well aware of the fact that the Republicans and Democrats today are a far cry from the Republican and Democrats of say the 1950s or the 1970s or the 2000s. Like everything else, nothing stays the same forever.

Knowing that, I figure what American’s really give a hoot about isn’t necessarily what party is currently in power or carries the most voting clout but things like whether people have enough work and money to live on and save with; that their individual rights aren’t being trampled on; that they and the nation are protected; and, that the country is still humming along with a currency that has value.

A couple of years ago, when Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell said that defeating President Obama in the 2012 election was his focus and essential to achieving the GOPs goals, I knew we were in big trouble. McConnell had clearly forgotten that we live in a country of two parties and one is not better than the other. Both have warts.

Back to that debt ceiling. Yes, it will be raised. And yes, people will still receive their Social Security checks next month.

Is the debt ceiling the same thing as our national debt? No. And while ugly, the quickest way to get our debt under control is for corporate America, along with any newly minted entrepreneurs, to quit worrying about the future and start creating new products and jobs.

It’s good ole American ingenuity that has made this country great. Not games of political foolsball.

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