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Across My Desk: Retirement Portfolios and Diversification

Sinning. It can be so much fun. It can so very very bad. But it can also pay off.

At least that's how things look at the Vice Fund.

One of the hottest fund's around this year is the Vice Fund. Up 23 percent year-to-date through the first half of the year, if you're not opposed to drinking and gambling it could be the fund for you or at the very least to watch.

  • The Vice Fund invests in companies like the gaming industry, alcoholic beverage makers, tobacco companies and defense contracts, has posted a 23% gain, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

  • The fund's portfolio manager, Charles Norton, rarely drinks or gambles and says that there's more to the fund than it's catchy name and provides investors with a solid defensive investment strategy, as its holdings are not affected by changes in the economy.

    "People will see the fund and think it's one thing that it's really not. We're not doing this to make any sort of political statement or social commentary," Norton said. "We're not advocating these behaviors in any way. Our job is to study the fundamentals behind these businesses and try to make money for our investors."

    Looking into the future, should the U.S. casino industry fall out of favor, there's a world full of investment opportunities outside of our borders like in Asia and Japan.

    I think he makes a good point. Just looking at the gaming industry--- it's one of the places people flock when their paychecks don't cover their expenses. As for guns-and-ammo-stocks,sadly, there is always at least one war going on somewhere in the world every day of every year.

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