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By Dian Vujovich

Here we are in the middle of hurricane season and nary a Cat anything in our sight. That worries me. But if history is any kind of hurricane guide, greasing up my hurricane shutter tracks, having extra water and food on hand and a telephone with a landline to use are must-have necessities in my home.

Landline? Yes, landline. For anyone who may have forgotten, that’s a telephone with a headpiece that has a curly kind of cord that mysteriously always seems to get tangled up and a phone body that’s got a line running from it to a telephone outlet in the wall.

The amazing thing about these landline phones is: they work when the power is out. Imagine that. No portable handheld or mobile phones do. Cell phone connectivity is subject to Mother Nature’s whims and heaven knows, hurricanes are one sure fire example of Mom having some kind of fit.

Landlines are like the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches of the technology world–having one makes you feel as though everything is just fine.

Word is, though, that telecom companies are seeing customers dump their landlines at the rate of 700,000 per month. Estimating are that by 2025 landlines will be a thing of the past, according to a story in The Economist earlier this month (http://tinyurl.com/o6novn).

That’s a disturbing fact, if true. Especially because landlines do serve a purpose, other than being used by pesky survey takers or bill collectors. They keep us talking and in a way that you’re likely never to hear anyone ask, “Can you hear me now?” Because we can hear. And we can answer and call out and do all of this from the comfort of a cushy Barcalounger with a drink nearby and Miss Gracie in our lap during a blustery hurricane afternoon or evening when Florida Power and Light can’t seem to keep our power on.

Landlines. Don’t give up on them. It’s hurricane season and if one hits, I’ll want someone to talk to.

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