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Corporate America changes direction and begins hiring, (I wish)

By Dian Vujovich

I am quite sick and tired of hearing about what a horrible job President Obama is doing and how he’s a socialist and not a fan of capitalism. The latest from Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini and the CEO of Loews Corp. Jim Tish is that the uncertainties of Obama’s policies are crippling America’s economy. This, according to a Tech/Ticker interview today (http://tinyurl.com/3yfefe8) and all poppycock from my point of view.

There is no doubt about it; our economy needs some help. And one very positive way to provide that help is to put American’s back to work. Work leads to making a productive individual, society, more money paid into Social Security, the tax system, a sounder economy, etc. etc. Work rewards everyone from the spender, to the saver to the investor and the corporate shareholder. Work pays off. Nothing new there.

And there’s also no doubt about it that the bulk of the needed new jobs either have to come from entrepreneurs or existing private industry—like from corporations. Corporations that today aren’t hiring, are hoarding money, sending jobs overseas, etc. etc. Corporations that in many cases have head honchos who are either afraid to take a chance and begin hiring in the face of an uncertain future—which, btw, the future ALWAYS is—- and prefer bellyaching that it’s the government’s fault for everything instead of using the power that they have to help build a stronger economy and to put people back to work.

So, HELLO! Time for a look in the mirror, all you complainers. See that finger you who are angry, getting airtime and making headlines on TV, radio and on-line programs and pointing at the Obama Administration? Look a little closer and you’ll notice that your thumb is pointing right back at you.

Since bad mouthing begets bad mouthing—and doesn’t do one bit of good— isn’t it time those in corporate America who are finding fault with the administration take some action? Action that has nothing to do with right- or left-winged politics but only has to do with rebuilding and strengthening our economy?

I’ll bet that if a number of companies decided to stand up, take a risk and start hiring folks, at all levels, the result would be positively rewarding. Hey, it might even start a trend.

Now there’s a concept. I can see the headlines: Corporate America Stops Pointing Fingers at Government and Puts American’s Back To Work.

No room for bellyaching from anyone there.

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