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Breaking News: Republicans & Democrats Quit Bickering, Realize the Economy More Important than Party Politics

By Dian Vujovich

Okay, that headline is all made up. It’s a lie. But wouldn’t it be delightful if it were true. Imagine what a great day it would be if, in these challenging financial times, all the Hatfield and McCoy standoff shenanigans in Congress came to a swift halt. And instead of Congress folk focusing on their own power, lobbyists,future elections and re-elections, the actual good of the whole U.S. economy suddenly became more important!

Wow. What a day.

Then imagine that all the big banks had a change of heart too. Instead of hoarding all the money they got from taxpayers, they realized that loaning that money out was the right thing to do. After all, that was the general idea behind the bailout in the first place, wasn’t it? So they did.

Imagine that!

Then imagine small business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals actually able to get a loan without having to sell their first-born or have a 750 FICO score.

What a wow!

Then imagine that corporate CEOs and their boards realized that it was better to put people back to work than it was to over work their existing employees; that happy employees make better workers than those who come to work in fear of losing their job every day; that there is more to life than a golden parachute; that their pay could easily be cut by half and still leave them and their head honchos with plenty of money; that what was cut in their pay when redistributed among employees would make it easier for them to save for their futures; and that doing all of that would increase production along with the company’s stock price and employee loyalty.

Big wow there!

Then imagine that all the pollsters, news broadcasters, radio and TV talking heads who rely on the comments of Tweeters, texters and e-mailers for content couldn’t; that facts were easier to find and disclose; and when traced back far enough, everyone’s family tree contained at least one branch with a person of another race and/or creed on it

Imagine that.

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