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Mindfully touch a woman's heart and she's likely to buy

By Dian Vujovich

It’s no secret that woman have all the money. Yes, not all have total control over all of the greenbacks in the world but odds are that every woman has an important say in how money is spent and doled out in her family.

I recently read a piece in Luxury Daily, an online news site, that was excerpted from the book “Why She Buys: The New Strategy for Reaching the World’s Most Powerful Customer”. Bridget Brennan is author of the book, a columnist at that site and author of the story.

In Chapter 5 of the book, Brennan writes about how MasterCard hit the big money jackpot with its “Priceless” ad campaign.

McCann-Erickson Worldwide is the ad agency that came up with the “Priceless” ads for MasterCard. Thus far the ads have appeared in 110 countries, have been presented in 51 different languages and running since—get this—1997.

One of the reasons Brennan thinks this ad campaign is worth studying—other than its huge success— is that the MasterCard ads “have perfected the art of emotionally connecting to the world’s most powerful spenders, women, while still retaining the brand’s appeal with men…”

Even more importantly, stories in the ads talk about the stuff that’s really important to all of us in life. In other words: The things that money can’t buy.

“The campaign is deceptively simple, ” says Amy Fuller, who runs marketing for MasterCard in the Americas.

It’s also one that taps into how women think. Brennan writes: “The campaign’s creators clearly know that women rationalize their purchases, especially when spending money on themselves…. Men just don’t seem to have the same guilt gene that women do.”

Knowing how your female clients and customers think can propel anyone whose income depends upon the sales of whatever from where ever to new heights.

To that end, Joyce King Thomas, of McCann Erickson, says: “If you can find some big human truth, it’s always better than a purely functional message. The two pieces of this campaign are head and heart. We start with the functional benefit—that you can use your card to buy these things—but we know that there’s more to life than money, and that people want experiences, and something more soulful…”

The full story is at : http://www.luxurydaily.com/book-excerpt-why-she-buys/

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