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Scary: Sink and Scott on cable TV last night

By Dian Vujovich

There they were—Florida’s two gubernatorial candidates on national cable television. CNN no less. Showing the cable-viewing world what a couple of buffoons we’ve got running for office. And how neither is free of fraud charges. Nor know how to directly answer all questions asked of them. Nor—and this is a biggie—know what our state’s minimum wage is.

That’s incredible! Scary. And, I’m embarrassed for us.

Given both are campaigning on the importance of creating jobs, jobs, and more jobs in a state where unemployment is around 12 percent you’d think each would know what our state’s minimum wage is. But no. Neither did. Scott answered first when asked the question with $7.50 an hour. Sink agreed. John King, the most excellent commentator and who I’m thinking ought to be a write-in candidate for the position, informed them it was $7.25

On November 2, 2004, voters approved a constitutional amendment that created Florida’s minimum wage. Every year, in October the minimum wage gets calculated and may be adjusted. So, just a few days before this television debate, it was decided that the minimum wage would remain the same in 2011. Too bad neither candidate were paying attention that day.

Instead of knowing lots of stuff you’d think someone running for the state’s highest office would know, what these two showed the world was how spoiled children behave yapping at each other, criticizing one other and pointing fingers back-and-forth. If they represent the best that Florida has to offer, we’re in deep trouble. And, well, we are.

The biggest thing the Sunshine State has going for it is sunshine. Well, the fact we have no income tax is pretty good, too. But we’re a state facing lots of problems. So what’s important here is selecting a governor who is honest, has integrity, knows about life in this state and how to improve things for the unemployed, and our aging and multi-cultural population.

Sink has lived here longer and comes with business and political experience. Scott, a lawyer, and take-cover master moved to Naples seven years ago from Connecticut. Don’t know why but one reason might be because our state doesn’t have an income tax.

Sink was accused of cheating during the debate last night because she read a message handed to her by her make-up person during a commercial break. Scott called her out on it because not receiving or taking notes was against the debate rules. If my memory serves me right, both of them took notes last night.

Regarding job creation, I’ve heard that Scott wants to cut 600,000 jobs to create 700,000 over this term, if elected. That doesn’t make sense. He also won’t answer questions about gay rights, wants current abortion laws changed and isn’t keen on developing a job-producing intra-state rail system. And likes pleading the 5th and keeping things secret.

Sink danced all around the questions relating to NationsBank, is happy with the current state’s abortion law, believes gays have rights and ought to be able to adopt children, and is for the development of a rail system. Oh, and she didn’t lose billions in the state’s pension fund. The entire market dropped big time.

Looking only at the S&P 500, on May 30,2007, it closed at 1,530.23; on November 20, 2008 the index closed at 752.44; and on March 9, 2009, 676.53. That’s a drop of about 60 percent. That drop took the stuffing out of everyone’s portfolios– state run and all individuals invested in stocks. Real estate drops added to Florida’s pension fund fall. All together it was reported that as of June 30,2007, the retirement was valued at $138.4 billion. By June 30, 2010, $109.34 billion.

Scott’s Medicare fraud mess resulted in an FBI inquiry and his company Columbia/HCA paying $1.7 billion in criminal and civil fines.

Why aren’t those with political aspirations honest about who they are, what they’ve done and what they believe? Is that so hard to do? Guess so.

The time to hold your nose and vote is less than one week away. Even though our choices aren’t great make sure to vote.

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