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A Double-headed Halloween treat

By Dian Vujovich

Every now and then I discover great deals right around here. This one is in an area that’s become a favorite haunt of Palm Beachers even though it’s in West Palm Beach. So, top on my list of Halloween treats this week isn’t about what’s happening on Wall Street but our local streets.

Halloween brings out the best and scariest parts of us. Nothing like an unbelievably creative costume to make everyone “ooo” and “aww”, scream, point, and even laugh out loud. Which, now that I think of it, is pretty much the everyday behavior of those on Wall Street, sans the costumes.

Tomorrow night, Friday the 29th, is the Monster Ball in Northwood Village—that’s the area around 25th Street in West Palm Beach.

It falls on the same night as the Village’s monthly Art & Wine Promenade. The way I see it is, paired with Halloween, the two promise to be one double-headed Halloween extravaganza for everyone—two and four-legged monsters, Martians, diva’s, clowns, etc. included.

The promenade walk is free, of course. So will be the libations and treats offered at many of the shops and restaurants like the Jade Kitchen and Café Centro. The trick might be finding a parking space, but hey, a walk-a-day keeps lots of bad stuff away.

I wandered Northwood Village for the first time last weekend and was absolutely delighted with it. Two vintage pineapple lamps for sale ($80 each) on display outside The Purple Bougan-Villa drew me in. The shop offers an eclectic assortment of art, antiques, and furniture in one bay, pass into the adjoining room and you’ll find vintage clothing among other things. Very cool.

And if you’re a fan of the Florida Highwaymen, artist Issac Knight will be at The Purple Bougan-Villa Friday night.

Further down the street is Gardenhouse. Across from it, Palm Beach Restorations Studios that, in itself, is a trip of a store. So is the nearby shop etc. and Hello Cupcake.

Along with the dozens of speciality furniture shops and stores, there are about 11 restaurants within the blocks that make up Northwood Village. Have heard from more than one good eater that breakfast at This is it Café on 24th Street is terrific. Yes, the area has come a long way over the past year—a very long way.

The Monster Ball begins at 8, ends at 11, “music, mayhem and mad dancing” promised, according to the flyer. You’ve got to be in costume and over 21 to attend. Cost is $15 per adult or $20 per couple. All money goes back into the development of Northwood Village.

Hope to see you there—provided we recognize one another.

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