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Today is the Federal Holiday for Veterans Day. Too bad markets aren’t closed in honor of it.

By Dian Vujovich

If I were queen, the markets would all be closed today. The money world wouldn’t come to an end if that were the case. In fact, if they were closed something good could come of it: People might take the time to realize that it’s because of the many wars our Vets have fought in that we American’s can enjoy our freedoms— including the opportunity of having markets to participate in.


But, I’m dreaming here on both fronts—me being queen and the markets all being closed. Money, as we basically all know by now, has become so powerful in this day and age that it has usurped the appreciation for pretty much  everything. Given that ugly reality, I’m grateful that Veterans Day, a.k.a Armistice Day, is still recognized and celebrated at all.


In an online CNBC “Squawk Box” piece yesterday, Veterans Day, Warren Buffett was interviewed for an Off the Cuff story. From the piece: “Buffett says his money does buy him one thing he values very much: his freedom. For him, freedom is the key to a happy life.”


Ya gotta love this guy. He knows what’s important in life, what’s not and speaks his mind in a way we can all relate to.


Sure there will those who might think that it’s really easy for a jigundo bajillionaire to talk about money and freedom when millions of people are living paycheck to paycheck. But I’d bet that the Oracle of Omaha would say the very same thing if he were an ordinary working stiff and  facing the financial challenges most of us  do.


Since today is a business-as-usual day for most markets and businesses–the bond markets are closed— why not take some time to recognize that the freedoms all of us are able to enjoy has been made  possible because of  our Veterans. Period.


Doing so doesn’t take any money. Not even a  penny.  What it does take, however, is some time for gratitude and thoughtfulness–and I know we’ve all got that to give.

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