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Home for the holidays when you live on one of world's ritziest streets

By Dian Vujovich

With the market providing stunning returns to stock investors, it’s that time of year when inviting guests into your home to share some holiday cheer becomes ever so appropriate. And for some with the really big bucks, where you live becomes a statement that says more about your wealth than what’s inside your portfolio. Or, what’s being served on great grandma’s silver platter.


Wealth-X, the purveyors of ultra-high net worth data, released research about the 10 most expensive streets to live on in the world. Consider humming the “On the Street Where You Live” as you read through them and before calling Lawrence Moens.


Listed below are the four most expensive streets along with the least expensive of the 10.


Beginning with the priciest, it’s Hong Kong’s Pollock’s Path in The Peak district where you’ll have both a stunning view of the city and get to pay about $120,000 a square metre for your apartment home. Think hundreds of millions if you’d like to live in that neighborhood.


Gotta love London and for the well heeled it’s a Kensington Palace Gardens address that needs to be yours. Referred to as “Billionaires Row” nothing could be sweeter than coming home to a tree-lined avenue where prices per square metre average $107,000.


The third most expensive street in the world is Avenue Princessse Grace in Monaco. We’ve moved down into the $87,000 per square metre range now which can almost sound like a deal particularly for those who have been to Monaco and know that there’s probably no sweeter or cleaner city on the face of the Earth than this one.


It’s the Blvd. du General de Gaulle in Cap Ferrat, France that’s fourth ranked. Coming in at 79,000 bucks per square metre, Wealth-X describes this street like this: ” The highly exclusive peninsula of Cap Ferrat may be the most-sought-after piece of land along the Mediterranean Côte d’Azur, resulting in it being the world’s priciest non-urban location.”


Finally, and what seems like give-away prices after reading the above, comes the least expensive of this top 10 group it’s Avenue Montaigne in Paris. For those who love this city of wonder-filled lights, the neighborhood is buldging with style but comes with a bit of a jewelry heist reputation. Then again,, what can you expect when prices average only 26,000 dollars a square metre?

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