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Plenty to be thankful for right here on Palm Beach

By Dian Vujovich

There is no shortage of things to be thankful for in anyone’s life when you really take the time to think about it. Rich or poor, weak or strong, young or old, employed, under-employed or not employed, we’ve all been given a bounty of gifts. Fortunately, the most precious ones typically aren’t store bought.

But if you happen to be stuck in something you can’t control or are simply way too stressed out, feelings of thankfulness can be hard to conger up. Many of us know that financial worries can bog us down, health issues may trouble our spirit and personal or family circumstances can simply confound everything.

That said, the best cure I’ve found for all the above is a walk on the beach. Palm Beach, of course. I was there this morning and can’t think of a grander place to begin Thanksgiving Day or any day for that matter.

I happen to really like the beach when nobody else is around. This morning it was like that. Looking up the beach and down, not a soul around except Gracie and me, and the sun, some clouds and the sea.

If you’re a frequent visitor you’ll see that every day on the beach is a different day. A new day. No two skies look alike, the seas lap differently along the shore every single minute of every single day, the beach changes its look and just like in life, no two moments are ever the same.

Why we, myself included, don’t always cotton to change is beyond me. Especially when nature is forever showing us differently is indeed puzzling.

Even more curious is why we aren’t forever thankful for the changes and all we’ve been given.

I was driving on Congress Avenue yesterday heading up to my favorite “C” store and in front of me was an SUV. It was Chrysler and needed a wash. The driver was a woman. Her license plate read “THNKFUL”.

When we got to the stoplight a short distance away, we were in separate lanes side-by-side. I honked my horn and hit the button to roll down my passenger side window. She noticed me, did the same and I shouted over to her, “Great license plate.”

She smiled back and said, “Thank you. And I really am.”

I’m hoping this Thanksgiving finds you really thankful, too. And if not, take that walk on the beach. Being there has a wonderful way of putting everything into its proper perspective any and every day of the year.

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