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Civilized Money

By Dian Vujovich

You’ve got to hand it to advertisers and merchandisers. All across America they’ve done a terrific job of selling shoppers on the notion that the day after Thanksgiving is the day-of-deals, one that’s not to be missed and doing so akin to heresy. Thankfully, however, Palm Beacher’s know better.

Decide to sleep in your car in the wee hours of the morning on Black Friday just to be the first in the door at say Saks or Neiman’s and you’ll probably be arrested for vagrancy. Think they’ll be a line of hundreds in front of Gucci’s or St. John’s and you’ve got your dates confused. That only happens twice year: The evening of the Christmas tree lighting ceremony and the Saturday of the pet parade.

What it boils down to is this: Palm Beacher’s are civilized shoppers. They don’t shop with guns in their pockets or elbows extended to fight crowds. They shop to shop—properly. They wander the Avenue to pick-up a few things, hostess gifts included.

While they know the value of bargain, they also know one doesn’t have to be the first in line to receive it, or the last. Why? Because it’s common for associates at the stores they frequent to phone their clientele when the merchandise they care for is being repriced. Or there is something in stock the client might find attractive.

Plus, Palm Beacher’s know it’s best to shop in the afternoon after lunch at the club, or Taboo. Wolfing down a 2 for $2 breakfast from McDonald’s doesn’t sit well with the well heeled. Neither does shopping after dark. It’s cocktails at sundown and dinner at eight. Unless, of course, you’re an early bird fanatic. Miss the appointed hours of that bargain meal and that’s when things can get real nasty.

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