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Dear Santa please bring me a billionaire

By Dian Vujovich

Of all the trinkets, electronics and fine art collectibles the world has to offer someone this holiday season, there’s nothing like love. And at the tiptop of that love heap, finding your perfect someone who happens to be a billionaire could be a match that’s made in financial heaven.


Let’s cut right to the chase: Everyone knows there’s Match.com, eHarmony, Our Time, Plenty of Fish, etc.  to help those looking for a mate.  But for those wanting to up their game and desire both love and money, well, that’s when you’ve got to think a little outside the box.


That means visiting sites that offer really promising prospects such as MillionaireMatch.com, Sugardaddie.com, DateAMillionaire.com and Marry-An-Ugly-Millionaire-Online-Dating-Agency.


Those who have tried finding love online know it’s not quick, easy or free. Plus, once your online heart has been touched, there’s value—and nothing wrong— in  running a background check on that special cyber someone who has your dot com head spinning.  Of course that’s unromantic but so are prenups. But how else are you to find out if that onliner isn’t a convicted axe murderer  or made his  billionaires running Ponzi schemes?


Not to worry your love-lonely head, though.  Wealth-X has released its list of the world’s wealthiest single billionaires just in time for you to score love before the year’s end.


There are 10 guys on this list. Below, I’m listing the three richest. None, Wealth-X reports, have ever been married.


While the ages of these uber-wealthy fellows range from 46 to 79, their single status might cause Mama to raise a questioning eyebrow, but hey, nothing necessarily amiss with a wealthy older bachelor. Making bundles, after all, does require focus and time.


So here, in order of the richest, are the guys whose arm you might want to work on adorning with Santa’s help:


1.Paul Allen, age 60, co-founder of Microsoft is also founder of Vulcan Capital and has a net worth $15.3 billion, according to Wealth-X. Allen owns the Seattle Seahawks as well as the Portland Trail Blazers. Looks as though you’ll have to be into sports to snag him.


2.Giorgio Armani, 79, the oldest on this short  list is worth an estimated $11 billion. We all know it’s couture that  made this guy, along with hotels, perfumes, etc. Getting to him will probably  take discriminating taste.


3.Mikhail Prokhorov, 48, is the youngest of this trio and another mega-rich sports owner worth  an estimated $9.3 billion. This Russian billionaire is into politics and owns the Brooklyn Nets b-ball team. Two really important Russian words you might want to learn if this is your kind of guy, “da and nyet.”


Here’s hoping Santa adds some serious jingle to your life this season.


To read the entire Wealth-X list of the World’s 10 Richest Bachelors visit:


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