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Multi-million dollar gifts for you and yours from Santa Obama and Sugar Mama’s and Daddy’s everywhere

By Dian Vujovich

For a day or two, how about forgetting any of the negative news you’re hearing about the market, the cliff, and next year’s economic outlook. All pale in comparison to what you can give your million-dollar baby today.

The Robb Report is out with its annual holiday report. This one features 21 gift ideas for those who need to show their love for others via gifts costing millions and millions of dollars.

But before going there, I’m guessing that more money is going to be gifted during the last month of this year, more trusts established and seriously funded, more charities bringing in bounties and more kids—big and small—finding checks from Santa in their hung-from-the-chimney-with-care stockings than we’ve seen in years. Maybe decades.

This season’s lucky money and asset recipients will have fear (of the unknown), Congress and Santa Obama to thank. Oh, and W. too. After all, that little W elf is the one who came up with a scheme to do this-and-that to our tax code that included an expiration date. And to spend a boatload of money we didn’t have.

So not all this current blubbering about rising taxes, tax caps, gifting limits and changes in rates, etc., is ugly. For a fortunate few, they’ll be showered with more sugarplums dancing in their heads whether tax changes come about or not.

That said; if you’re one of the mega-wealthy who prefers actual gift giving over asset gifts of one type or another, consider these ideas from the Robb Report Holiday Issue. The four priciest ones include:

-For $2.5 million: Lamborghini’s Sesto Elemento (translated “sixth element”) racecar.  Only 20 of these babies are to be made. Hopefully you’ll get your order in before all are gone.


-At $14 million you can own a 12-acre lot with view of the ocean and golf course

at the Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Puerto Rico.

-Have $44 million to spend? Then for sure it’s a 170-foot hybrid yacht from Feadship and Dobroserdov Design. OMG, the photos scream, “Buy me, please!”

-With $89 million in pocket change, a pair of Gulfstream jets could be yours and awaiting you at PBIA. The price includes this duo: A Gulfstream G650 ultra-long range jet and for those shorter hops, a Gulfstream G280 super mid-sized jet.

Want to chince out and stay in the $750,000 to less than $2 million-dollar range and you’ll find 17 more ideas in The Robb Report’s Holiday Issue.

Happy spending, giving and receiving.

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