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Last minute plans for a Mayan prophesy holiday and a fiscal cliff cookbook

By Dian Vujovich

Okay. Crazy as it sounds if the world doesn’t come to an end on the 21st, you might want to rethink your life philosophy and let the 22nd be the beginning of something new.


I know that there isn’t much time between now and the Mayan calendar’s end of the world date on Dec. 21st. Nonetheless, there is enough time to book a great hotel and order a fun little Kindle edition e-book filled with financial tidbits along with fiscal cliff good-eats recipes.


Let’s begin with that hotel.


The Rosewood Mayakoba in Riviera Maya has a 5-day “The Ultimate New Beginning” package that includes private helicopter tours, spa treatments, discussions with an archeology master etc., all for only $79,00 a couple.


I visited the web site and tried to phone to make a reservation but the lines were all busy. Perhaps you’ll have better luck. Some great pictures of the resort and package details can be found at: http://travel.justluxe.com/travel-news/feature-1825300.php . Or via the hotel’s web site: www:rosewoodhotels.com/en/mayakoba.


No matter what happens, the spot looks like a fabulous place for an ending or a beginning.


Don’t want the resort life? Well then, listen up. A number of restaurants are offering end-of-the-world type cuisine on Friday, according to a CNBC report posted on Yahoo Finance.


T.G.I. Friday’s is said to be offering a “Last Friday” menu with a calorie count that promises to be so high it’s out of this world. Margaritas Mexican Restaurant’s are having  “End of the World” parties said to include a “If you were the last man on earth” pick-up line contest. (Are you serious?).


And let’s not forget the drink masters. Stone Brewing Company has created a brew with a label that reads, “enjoy by 12.21.12”. Unibroue, a Canadian brewery, wants all drinkers to raise their glasses at midnight on Dec. 20 “for one last toast to the end of the world.”


I don’t think the world is ending on that day that, incidentally, happens to be both the longest and the shortest day on our calendar. Longest as the 21st is the beginning of the winter solstice and brings with it the longest amount of darkness in a day. Shortest with respect to sunlight and  time.


So with worries about a Mayan calendar ending life as we know it  put to rest  there is still the fiscal cliff to deal with.


Stephen R Winter has written a delightful little book that’s perfect for every money-centered soul. Titled “The Fiscal Cliff Cookbook – Eat Reasonably Well During The Apocalypse – With Social Commentary Cliff Notes” this five-star rated Kindle book is a must-have stocking stuffer and  priced at only $2.99.


Not only is it a great read with folksy and wise investing tidbits but the recipes sound pretty good, too.


From the Dedication page: “This book is dedicated to all of us Americans who apparently are on a fiscal cliff. Many of us were already on a cliff of our own, so the news is a double whammy.


“Be resilient. Be resourceful. Be the best you can be. Have a sense of humor, and a reasonably good meal. The apocalypse will be over in no time at all.”


You may order the book at Amazo.com/ books.

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